NISSEY holidays in May 2024

We will be closed from April 27 to 29 & May 3 to 6 as Golden Week. Thank you !

NISSEY Summer Holidays 2021

NISSEY Summer Holidays 2021:   July 22 ( Thu ) to 25 ( Sun ) & August 7 ( Sat ) to 15 ( Sun ).  ・・・ 続きを読む(Next) →

NISSEY holidays in May 2021

We will be closed from April 29 to May 5 for our national holidays. Thank you!

NISSEY Summer Holidays

We will be closed from August 11(Fri) to 15(Tue) for our Summer Holidays. Thank you !

How-to-use video for MAKU-PITA and PITA-RING.

We uploaded a new How-to-use video for MAKU-PITA and PITA-RING. Visit the link as below. MAKU-PITA PITA-RING

Nissey Corporation

Nissey Corporation appearance

Nissey Corporation

108-2 Tadokoro-cho Sabae-shi Fukui Prefecture
TEL : +81-778-52-5615
FAX : +81-778-52-5085

Customer first, as a corporate philosophy creativity, ingenuity, we have aimed at improvement of product mix, the strengthening of the sales structure.
The foundation and the track record so far, further, in order to take advantage of the experience that has been dealing with glasses materials for high quality standards, we will continue to expand its network to other industries as well.
Titanium creator Fukui The titanium creator Fukui, brings together the advanced technology cultivated in the glasses industry is "titanium processing technology group", our company has a general counter.