Polishing Buff

  • There are several thickness & seems / We will make a best suggestion upon your needs.




■Sisal buff

  • Can be used for auto-buff
サイザル麻バフ GR-2 

■Sisal buff GR-2

  • The buff coated with resin
  • Better effect than white sisal buff



レーヨンバフ No.1090タイプ

■Rayon buff No. 1090 / No. 3920

  • Exhibits good grinding effect as Sisal buff
  • Less buff trace after polishing and can be brought gross upon used polishing material
スーパークロス No.41 

■Super cloth No. 41

  • For tiny scratchs



スーパークロス No.32

■Super cloth No. 32

  • For Mirror surface
スーパークロス No.52

■Super cloth No. 52

  • For Mirror surface