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One offer about sales of “ anti -loosing screw for eyewear ” has been brought to us
the establishment of NISSEY Co., Ltd. and it has been 42 years. We still sell the screw
“Long Lok” worldwide as our main product.

I think the motive force to establish the company comes from how much you can concentrate
on the “products” and to let it been acknowledged to the market as fast as possible.

At present, it is easy to announce the matter to the world through internet
in the moment. It is also the important factor, on the other hand, to let the customer
understand “the value of the products” by discussion to be there together, like at the exhibition.

We value the face-to-face communication and to obtain and understand the needs at the market accurately. Then, we try to develop new products based on the acquired needs from the market.

We sometime witness unimaginable change of era and threat of nature,
but we continue to have business within the blessing and we hope to make a contribution
for the bright future of society.

President Takeyasu Shirasaki


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Corporate History

1975 ・Established NISSEY CO., LTD. at Sanroku-cho, Sabae, Fukui-pref
・Had agreement on Long Lok Screw for eyewear with FUTAKU PRECISION MACHINERY INDUSTRY COMPANY
1976 ・Developed and started sales of Long Lok Screw
・Built company building at Tadokoro-cho, Sabae, Fukui-pref.
1977 ・Started sales of NiCr alloy Sunny Silver
・Started sales of Polishing Compound SONIC for eyewear production
1979 ・Had business agreement with IWATANI CORPORATION / Started sales for overseas market
1981 ・Participated the exhibition “OPTICA 82(Cologne/Germany)”at the first time.
1982 ・Started development Titan as material for eyewear use with TOHO TITANIUM CO., LTD.
1983 ・Started sales of CP Titan for eyewear
1984 ・Started development and sales of Titan Alloy for eyewear
1988 ・Started development of SMA(Shape Memory Alloy) with KANTO SPECIAL STEEL WORKS LTD.
・Built a new company building at the same ground
1989 ・Started development and sales of Gold-filled Titan
1994 ・Participated the exhibition “Hong Kong Optical Fair” at the first time
1997 ・Participated the exhibition “SILMO (Paris/France) ” at first time
1999 ・Participated the exhibition ” MIDO(Miran/Italy) ” at the first time
2000 ・Had agreement on GUMMETAL(ゴムメタル) with TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC. and TOYOTSU
2000 GUMMETAL(ゴムメタル) has been developed and started sales
2002 GUMMETAL(ゴムメタル) has been patented covering accessory field including eyewear
・Released Titan Alloy Neo-β at SILMO
2003 ・Released Titan Alloy US-β at MIDO
2006 ・Had agreement on Eco Plastic U’z with TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION
2007 ・Had agency agreement on V-CAT(R) with TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION
2008(Feb) ・Participated China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair
2008(June) ・Participated M-Tech ( Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo) in TOKYO
2008(Oct) ・Participated M-Tech ( Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo) in OSAKA
・Participated IOFT (Tokyo/Japan)
・Formed a group TITANIUM CREATOR FUKUI (TiCF) with 7 companies
2008(Nov) ・Participated Hong Kong Optical Fair
2009(Jul) ・Participated “DMTS2009” (Difficult Manufacturing Technology Show 2011)as a member of TiCF
2010(Jan) ・Participated “MALSEC2010” (Materials for Lightweight & High-Strength Exhibition & Conference) as a member of TiCF
2010(Oct) ・Started sales of CFRP sheet for eyewear
2011(Feb) ・Participated “China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair”
2011(Jun) ・Participated “M-Tech” ( Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo) in TOKYO as a member of TiCF
2011(Sep) ・Participated the trade fair called NICCHU MONODUKURI SHOUDANKAI at Shanghai as a member of TiCF
— This fair aimed to find & have business parter among companies who is in the manufacturing industry between CHINA and JAPAN.