For sale in small lots

  • At our company, we are also accept retail sale of Products.
  • It is recommended towards testing, prototyping, and need only a little.

Order Flow

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Because I can send it than the minimum quantity, please order from the contact form.   Will be sent by FAX or E-mail a quote including shipping payment method from our company.   If you can quote your note, please contact purport of the order officially.   Will be delivered to you as arranged. ( In the case of bank transfer,  payment is after confirmation of payment)


  • The shipment of the product will be used Yamato courier.
  • For shipping, on top of the description, the actual cost will be charged to your quote.

Payment Methods

  • It can be one of the price of exchange order Yamato courier or remittance, the official order at the time.
  • We will request a commodity price + postage + ( cash-on-delivery charge ) , but please check the quote from us for details.

Bank transfer

  • Fukui Bank, Ltd. Kida branch current Nissey Corporation 0102890
    *Please pay the transfer fee.


For returned goods, the exchange

Return deadline

  • With regard to return or exchange, within seven days after delivery, please contact our sales representative by fax or mail.
    ( In the case of later, so ….. might receive the returned or exchanged, please note )
  • On her meeting with the person in charge, I will correspond.

Return Shipping

  • For customer convenience, we ask paid by the customer at the return postage.
  • If you have returned goods by such defective and delivery differences, it will be considered as our load return postage.
    In either case, please contact us first.


  • We send back a product, we will refund processing after confirmation in us.
  • In the case of customer convenience, please understand that I transfer money by subtracting the transfer fee.