For sale in small lots

At our company, we are also accept retail sale of Products. It is recommended towards testing, prototyping, and need only a little.

Order Flow

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Because I can send it than the minimum quantity, please order from the contact form.   Will be sent by FAX or E-mail a quote including shipping payment method from our company.   If you can quote your note, please contact purport of the order officially.   Will be delivered to you as arranged. (In the case of bank transfer, payment is after confirmation of payment)


The shipment of the product will be used Yamato courier.
For shipping, on top of the description, the actual cost will be charged to your quote.

Payment Methods

It can be one of the price of exchange order Yamato courier or remittance , the official order at the time .
We will request a commodity price + postage + ( cash-on-delivery charge) , but please check the quote from us for details .

Bank transfer

Fukui Bank, Ltd. Kida branch current Nissei Corporation 0102890
Hokuriku Bank branch Jinmei current Nissei Corporation 1098940
 *Please pay the transfer fee .

Cash on delivery

We use a courier service Yamato .
Please bear ( tax) is 400 yen less than 30,000 yen ( tax) 10,000 yen or more 300 yen to 10,000 yen less than payments : cash-on-delivery charge .

For returned goods , the exchange

Return deadline

With regard to return or exchange , within seven days after delivery , please contact our sales representative by fax or mail .
( In the case of later , so ….. might receive the returned or exchanged , please note . )
On her meeting with the person in charge , I will correspond .

Return Shipping

For customer convenience , we ask paid by the customer at the return postage .
If you have returned goods by such defective and delivery differences , it will be considered as our load return postage .
In either case , please contact us first .


We send back a product , we will refund processing after confirmation in us.
In the case of customer convenience , please understand that I transfer money by subtracting the transfer fee