We developed the new “Mirror Model” from PrivacyVisor®. The world’s first eyewear which protects you from facial recognition systems.


Now we are pleased to announce our new “Mirror Model” PrivacyVisor®. In the summer of 2015, our first model of PrivacyVisor® received great responses on FAAVO Sabae (crowd-funding ran by Sabae City) because you only have to wear this PrivacyVisor® to not to be recognized by facial recognition systems.

New release! Mirror Model PrivacyVisor®.

We developed new model because we thought usability is really important. This new model can be used in daily life as compared to Sayagata model (*) since it looks just like sunglasses.
(*)First model. That line design is called Sayagata in Japanese.

We have two sizes, S and M and 2 colors. Both sides of frames are Silver Gray, or the outside of the frames are white and the inside is champagne gold.


Why did we develop PrivacyVisor®

It is not too much to say that if someone put your picture (you are caught unintentionally by someone) on the Internet, your personal info can be exposed easily with facial recognition systems while you are unaware.

This new type of crime is actually happening. You are (e.g.: When and where you were and who you were with) exposed to many unspecified persons using facial recognition system through the Internet.

This is why Prof. Isao Echizen from Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, Research Organization Information and Systems, National Institute of Informatics, has been working on the study which prevents facial recognition. This PrivacyVisor® adopts the technology (*) Prof. Echizen invented.

We Nissey and Tecloth Co., Ltd (CEO: Tsuyoshi Ando) undertook the product planning and designing his technology and Sabae’s craftspeople who are very skillful in glasses-making did a great job that’s why it became the most unique and high quality product.

(*)Patent application Laid-Open Publication Number: 2013-201734 “Anti-secret photographing-device” (Applicant: Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, Research Organization Information and Systems, Inventors: Isao Echizen and Seiichi Gohshi), WO 2014/069412 “Anti-facial-recognition-device” (Applicant: Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, Research Organization Information and Systems, Inventors: Isao Echizen and Seiichi Gohshi)

Feature of PrivacyVisor®

Against the facial recognition system which detects faces by the characteristics of facial contrasting, PrivacyVisor® makes the facial features change only by wearing it. It doesn’t need any power supply or special equipment. You only need to wear them just as you wear glasses. This is also one of the most unique feature of PrivacyVisor®.

PrivacyVisor® has a curved design to cover your face like a veil and adjust facial curves. It is difficult to make the curve by normal metals so that we decided to adopt our specialty metal, titanium for the body of the glasses. As a result, we accomplished high mechanical strength even though it’s made of a 1.0mm thick titanium plate and it’s light-weight.

Future development

We are going to offer our products to companies in Europe and North America because they take a considerable interest in privacy problems. Also, we will work on developing other designs in order to have our product be as functional and fashionable.

Workshop in Sabae City.

We held a PrivacyVisor® workshop which was targeted to late elementary school students at 2 elementary schools in Sabae on June 23rd and 24th, 2016.

We had Prof. Isao Echizen as a lecturer, he taught them how important privacy protection is and how to do it.

Prof. Echizen and children.
Children tried not to be recognized.

The purpose of this workshop is to become aware of privacy protection through experiencing technology and knowing how important the privacy protection is, before it’s too late.

It is a big step for a privacy education for children who are getting more opportunities to use the Internet as they grow up.
Also, we want them to be proud of Sabae City by letting them know that the technology of PrivacyVisor® is World’s first and it’s based on glasses-making technology which is very important for the local industry of Sabae.
We Nissey will support his workshop and spread awareness of privacy violation.

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