Comparing to the conventional fiber buff, it is superior on cutting and acquire smooth surface finish.
Less heat generation while polishing by the unique flap type structure. Less clogging and it is possible to continue stable polishing for a long time.
Effective on the curved surface polishment

rough← ← ← → → →Fine
Rough Rough Midium Midium Midium Finish
A600 14BBM AE220 14NR AE700 14NR A600 14NR GC600 14NR A1000 14NR

■ A600 14BBM
■ 10mm

■ AE220 14NR
■ 10mm

■ AE700 14NR
■ 10mm

■ A600 14NR
■ 10mm

■ GC600 14NR
■ 10mm

■ A1000 14NR
■ 10mm

【Product spec】 Thickness : 8mm 10mm 15mm 25mm
Hardness : 12NR 14NR 14NRX 14BBM

Abrasive grain is finer, but can be removed deep scar
Can be obtain good finish
Good for Beta Titan and other hard metals