“CFRP” stands for
CF:Carbon Fiber R :Reinforced P :Plastics

CFRP sheet is the composite material, which is plastic, mainly epoxy resin-impregnated 5~10 micron PAN (Polyacrylonitrile) carbon fiber and formed after hardening.

The sheet is superior on strength and can be made lighter parts comparing its in Steel or Aluminum even though the strength and rigidity is equivalence.

So, the development of items made of CFRP sheet has been started from sporting goods like shaft of golf club or fishing rods, then to the parts for the aerospace.

New products in CFRP sheet are increasing now and they have been developed in automobile, electric appliance or optical field.


Light weight : specific gravity 1.5~1.7(Under 1/4 of steel)
Strength : 900~3000 MPa
Rigidity : 55~350 GPa